Daily Maintenance of Auto Electric Fuel Pump
Nov 01 , 2020

Daily maintenance of Auto Electronic Fuel pump

Electric fuel pump is the "heart" of fuel supply system of electric injection engine. An electric fuel pump is a device that continuously sucks fuel out of the tank to provide fuel to the fuel system at a specified pressure and flow. Based on the function of electric fuel pump, the performance of electric fuel pump will directly affect the performance of the engine.

The electric fuel pump has two layout modes in the oil supply system. One is external installation, that is, the fuel pump is connected in series with the oil pipeline outside the oil tank. The second is the internal installation, that is, the fuel pump is installed in the fuel tank, immersed in gasoline, so that the fuel pump is easy to heat, work noise is small, long service life, so it is widely used.

How should the routine be maintained for the electric fuel pump?

1. Electric fuel pump internal components (such as roller type fuel pump piston and cylinder) of very precise, so the key to prolonging the service life of the fuel pump to keep the height of the fuel oil cleaning, regular cleaning everywhere and in accordance with the requirements of the use of maintenance screen (note that cannot be used with fiber cloth cleaning), in order to prevent the fuel pump is impurity binding or early wear.

2. For the built-in electric fuel pump, it is forbidden to start the engine forcibly in the case that the oil tank is short of fuel. Take out the fuel pump from the oil tank for the test, and the power time should not exceed 6S, because the non-gasoline cooling time is too long, which may easily cause the motor winding of the fuel pump to burn out.

3. Since the electric fuel pump is an integral package type, it is an irreparable part. In case of damage, the same type of fuel pump should be replaced. If the type of fuel pump you replace is different, the pump pressure may not meet the original requirements and result in abnormal performance

How to do the performance check for the electric fuel pump?

1. Check the fuel supply pressure of electric fuel pump.

The fuel supply pressure of the fuel system is a comprehensive reflection of the working performance of the electric fuel pump. The fuel pressure standard from electric fuel pump to oil pipe is 250 ~ 300 kPa.

2. Electric fuel pump oil quantity test. The general standard of electric fuel pump is: pump oil 30 s not less than 0.8 L. The test method is as follows: after unloading the fuel oil system, connect the oil pressure gauge with switch to the oil supply tubing connector, connect one outlet tubing at the other end, and put a measuring cup at the bottom; Turn off the oil pressure gauge switch, switch on the fuel pump fuse, and make the fuel pump run until the system oil pressure reaches 400 kPa; Turn on the oil pressure gauge switch to let the gasoline flow into the measuring cup; After 30s, turn off the oil pressure gauge switch to stop the rotation of the fuel pump. The amount of gasoline in the measuring cup is the amount of pump oil for 30s of fuel pump operation.

If the pump is not up to standard, the cause may be a worn electric fuel pump or a blocked gasoline filter. Then disassemble the oil inlet of the gasoline filter, connect the oil pressure gauge, and measure the pump oil quantity again. If the pump oil quantity still fails to meet the standard, it indicates that the automotive electric fuel pump is seriously worn or the parts are damaged. If the pump oil reaches the standard, the gasoline filter should be checked

3. Through the intuitive judgment whether the electric fuel pump run open ignition switch, use the starter machine engine running, and then check carefully in the fuel tank refueling mouth to listen, if you can hear the hum of the fuel pump rotation, the inlet hose fuel filter, and with his finger can feel the pulse pressure, fuel transfer pump is working well.

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