How to Replace Fuel Injector in Your Car
Oct 08 , 2022

Small though it is, the fuel injector is an important car part in fuel system and holds sway over engine performance. Clogged car injectors may cause heavy deposit in combustion chambers, hence rough idling, rising fuel consumption, poor acceleration or even damaged engine.

In daily drive, we often get trumped by Z010 and Z030 alarm codes, when it comes to fuel injector failure. If injector cleaning doesn’t work, we need replacement once and for all.

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First Let’s understand what Z010 & Z030 failures are.

Z010 & Z030 failures come with alarms.

Z010 code stands for failure alarm for unusual oil pressure in fuel injector. In most of such cases, there can be excessive water and impurities in the diesel fuel that cause wears and tears to the injector. Once the engine stops, it’s too short for the fuel injector release the pressure. You can still drive with Z010 code on, however, to get rid of this issue, you are suggested to drain away the water in the fuel filter occasionally, and change to use premium oil for some time.

If the alarm is there, unfortunately you need to replace the injectors, as they are likely broken.

Z030 failure is a continuous alarm for the injector. That means you need to replace the injectors.

Now let’s see how to replace Injectors.

First of all, we need to remove the fuel injectors.

1. Loosen the fixing bolts and remove the steel plate and the fuel injection tube seal.

2. Loosen the nozzle gripper and remove the fuel injection unit.

In case you cannot pull out the injector from the cylinder cover, please follow the steps below.

Turn the injector to the right initially with a screwdriver and pull out the injector by hand.

After pulling out the injector, wrap a cotton cloth around the screwdriver and clean the inside of the sleeve. Be careful not to damage the sleeve.

Then we can install the new fuel injectors now.

1. Fit the new O-ring in the groove of the cylinder cover and insert it into the fuel injection unit.

Please note: Apply grease to the inside of the O-ring and avoid the O-ring getting stuck.

2. Install the nozzle gripper and install the fuel injection unit temporarily.

Note: Do not fix the nozzle gripper.

3. Place the new fuel injection tube seal over the fuel injection unit and install the steel plate.

Note: Do not exert excessive force when installing the fuel injection tube seal onto the nozzle, as any deviation in the position of the seal and nozzle may result in a fuel leak.

4. Install the fuel injection tube and then screw the fixing bolt to tighten the nozzle gripper.

5. Input the fuel injection unit correction value to the engine ECU.

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