The Benefits of Using Wheel Spacers
May 05 , 2022

Some drivers, especially car junkies will give thought to wheel spacers for car tune-up.

Here are some reasons why wheel spacer is one of the aftermarket auto parts that people consider adding to their rides.

Enhanced Performance

Enhanced performance here means vehicle stability and safety in cornering. The wheel spacer creates additional space between the wheels and the vehicle body. That is to say, your tires sit farther out from the vehicle hub with the wheel space installed. Consequently, you will get better handling, cornering and grip. It's less likely for your car to roll over in high speed.

Better Fitment of Large Wheels

Some vehicles may not leave enough space for replacement of large wheels. In this case, wheel spacers can be used to adapt to wider customized rims and tires by increasing the offset or the distance between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly.

Finally, the wheel spacer can improve the appearance of the vehicle.

Four E's Automotive offers both hub-centric wheel spacers and non-centric wheel spacers, either bolt-on or slip-on style, in different sizes to meet different vehicle demands. Each product is precision processed using the latest metal manufacturing technology, and anodized during the production process to protect the elements from corrosion, ensuring the reliability even under the most extreme conditions.

Choose our quality wheel spacers and experience improved vehicle handling and appearance.

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