The practical significance of Wheel Spacer
Feb 06 , 2021

What's the practical significance of Wheel Spacer

When it comes to a wide variety of parts on a modified car, it is more difficult to find the presence of vehicle spacers than the parts that we can observe at a glance, such as wheels and brakes. Do some people think that it is necessary to install vehicle spacers on vehicles? Do vehicle spacers only increase aesthetics without practical significance?

Why install Wheel Spacer?

The wheel spacer is installed at the connection between the hub and the base. In addition to increasing the aesthetics, its important purpose is to on the basis of the original track to solve the problem of the inner lining of the turning wheel, or Make the wheel hub and the fender flush, and expand the wheel to make the vehicle more stable during cornering. Of course, the stability of the car when cornering is also affected by other parts such as shock absorbers, tires, anti-roll bars, but under the premise of these factors unchanged, it can only be seen from the wheel base, the wider the wheel base, The lower the lateral weight transfer, the higher the cornering stability. Of course, we cannot simply and rudely conclude from the theory that the thicker the vehicle spacer, the more the cornering stability increases. The use of wheel spacers with a thickness that is not consistent with the vehicle affects aesthetics, not to mention aerodynamic principles, and affects the driving performance of the vehicle.

what is the significance of Car Sapcer?

The spacer is installed between the hub and the base. The main function is to install the hub with inappropriate OFFSET value or change the large caliper. The rim spacer is installed at the connection between the hub and the base to make The wheelbase changes, which makes the position of the wheel hub more outward, and solves some problems such as turning and rubbing the wheel lining. There are also some car owners who install spacers for better visual effects. After installing the spacers, the hub and the fender are reached. A flush effect, achieving the style of HellaFlush. Of course, the race car chooses more pads to increase the track, so that a wider track can get better stability.

The connection between the hub and the axle mainly relies on their contact surfaces and the friction generated when the screws are pressed to ensure the correct connection of the hub and the axle, so as to ensure the safety of the hub and the axle during the driving of the vehicle. After the spacer is added, this friction surface becomes The two sides are bound to have a certain impact; and good spacers are guaranteed regardless of material or design. Please pay attention to several points when purchasing. The first is that the spacer must have a center ring, because the center ring is to ensure the concentricity of the hub and the axle; in addition, after the spacer is installed, the original screw must be lengthened to ensure sufficient The tightening force remains effective.

What is material of Wheel Spacer?

Our wheel spacers are measured according to the actual data of each model in the research and development, and the construction is carried out in the developed specific procedures to ensure that the tolerances are minimized. The products are made of special forged alloy materials with the necessary rigidity (tensile strength) Withstand rigorous durability and fatigue tests. The surface treatment of our spacers and ordinary spacers are also different. Ordinary powder sprayed spacers may have safety problems because of the continuous risk of loosening and even dissolving and falling from the raw materials. This will cause the bolts to loosen, and in extreme cases even cause the hub to fall off. However, if the spacer has no surface treatment, all materials will be corroded again, which will damage the hub over time. Our spacer uses anodized surface to eliminate all the risks mentioned above. Because the threads are directly cut to mild raw materials, culture and strain will occur after a certain period of time (the hub needs to be replaced, etc.). Even if the high tensile strength aluminum material is used, the fastening force of each thread is 6 tons/thread. We use a special threaded sleeve (steel sleeve), which is close to 11 tons/thread. Compensate thread falling and strain.


The thickness of the spacer must be appropriate

The spacer for the center ring must be installed

Be sure to find a professional modification shop to install

Be sure to choose wheel spacers with good craftsmanship and quality

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