what the role of the water neck
Jul 17 , 2021

1.The water neck is made of Aluminum alloy, which is durable enough and resistant to high temperatures to maintain its structure while the coolant is circulating between the radiator and the engine. There are many degrees Aluminum alloy water neck, such as 15 degree  chrome water neck, 30 degree chrome water neck, 45 degree chrome water neck and etc.


2.The function of water neck is to be used with the water pump to circulate the coolant between the radiator and the engine. The base is connected with the water pump; the pipe includes an internal opening connected with a water pipe extending from the radiator, and a supporting part connecting the pipe and the base.

3. The conduit includes an elongated cylindrical part with a smooth outer surface and a peripheral edge to establish a fluid-tight connection with the water hose.

4. The cylindrical part includes an outer diameter so that the pipe can be slidably inserted into the inside of the water pipe.

5. The water pipe is fastened to the cylindrical part with suitable mechanical fasteners.

6. The periphery includes at least one structure that cooperates with water pipes and mechanical fasteners to maintain a fluid-tight connection during coolant circulation.


Precision die-cast

Chrome plated for looks

Seal to prevent water leaks

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