Fuel Pump Replacement Cost
Jan 11 , 2022
Don't want to have your car dead while you are driving on the highway or in a crowded street? Then keep an eye on your fuel pump and replace it before it breaks down. So when it's the right time to check the fuel pump?

How often should I replace the fuel pump?
Normally it's less common for a new car to have a bad fuel pump. You need to have regular checks when your car has lasted 7-8 years or 100,000 miles or above. Of course your fuel pump may go wrong earlier or last longer, which depends on the fuel quality, your driving habit and maintenance frequency.

What happens if the fuel pump goes wrong?
1. Difficult acceleration
2. Engine fails or misfires
3, Buzz noise while driving
4. Engine fault light on
5. Rough idling

Fuel pump replacement cost
Some people would choose to fix the fuel pump to save money when it goes wrong. But it would be likely that the problem came again and instead it cost them more money becaused of frequent repair in the long run. So replacement is the best way to get it done once and for all. The cost for replacement of fuel pump varies according to car model, fuel pump price and labor cost. Nevertheless, it goes between $80 and $350 generally. The expensive the car is, the higher the fuel pump replacement cost is.

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