Bad Ignition Coil Symptoms - P0351 Code
Jan 03 , 2022
What's P0351 Code?
P0351 code indicates a fault with ignition system, to be extract, the ignition Coil A Primary/Secondary Circuit. It's universally applicable for all car manufacturers.

Basics Related to P0351 Code

1. The Position and Function of ignition coil: The coil pack is generally located on the isolation plate in the engine chamber. It functions as a transformer that converts the low battery voltage into high voltage.
2. Ignition Coil Pack Structure: Engine coil has two coils of wire called primary and secondary coils. One end of the primary coil is connected with the low-voltage car battery (+), and the other end is connected with the igntion switch.  One end of the secondary coil is connected with the primary coil, and the other end is connected with the high voltage output. It plays an important part in engine ignition performance.

Causes of Malfunction

When igniter receives IGT signal from engine ECU, igniter transistor will cut off the circuit of the primary coil and produce in the secondary coil a high voltage up to tens of thousands of volts to generate high energy for spark plug. If the spark plug ignites sucessfully, IGF signal will be sent to the ECU. In case of ignition failure, ECU will not receive the signal, and thus the p0351 code will come up. Actually ignition coil A is the coil pack of the first cylinder. Therefore, p0351 code is the problem with the first cylinder ignition coil.

Suggestions and Solutions

1. Suggestions:

A) Check whether the ignition coil is dirty, damp, aged or damaged;

B) whether the battery voltage is abnormal;

C). Whether the spark plug is faulty;

D) whether the ignition coil has short circuit or poor contact.

2. Solutions:

A). Clean up the surface of engine coil and keep it from moisture to maintain its good insulation performance.

B) Replace the damged or abnormal ignition coil in time.

C) Change spark plug and spark plug wire.

D) Fix or change the ignition coil connector.

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