How to ensure stable engine operation
Apr 02 , 2021

Fuel filter has three types: Diesel filter, Fuel Filter and Gas filter.

The fuel filter of a car is located along the fuel line, whether in the engine compartment or next to the fuel tank. The responsibility of this device is to trap large particles in the fuel to prevent them from entering the engine. Due to the huge force behind the up and down movement of the engine piston, any large particles in the fuel may cause serious damage to the engine. Large particles in the fuel can also block the fuel injector, causing the cylinder to lose valuable fuel and requiring cleaning or replacement of the fuel injector. Therefore, maintaining a clean filter is essential to the performance of a car engine.

What is the role of the fuel filter-working principle

Due to different fuel delivery systems, each fuel filter is different. The basic principle of a carburizing engine is that a vacuum draws fuel into the engine, and there is a relatively low-pressure fuel system. In a carburetor system, fuel passes through a fuel-resistant rubber hose. The filter is made of metal or plastic. The inlet pipe extends from one end and the outlet pipe extends from the other end; the hose is fixed at both ends with a circular clamp.

The fuel injection system directly supplies fuel to the cylinders of the vehicle and the engine. In a car equipped with an electronic fuel injection system, the fuel injector injects fuel into each cylinder. The fuel in this system is maintained at a high pressure with the help of a pressure regulator. Due to the high pressure system, the fuel line must be made of metal.

The fuel filter in the high-pressure fuel injection system is placed in the low-pressure section and can be connected to the rubber hose with a hose clamp. Filters in high-pressure fuel injection systems are usually equipped with a threaded joint at each end, which is screwed into the fuel lines on both sides.

When replacing the fuel filter in the car, you need to take the following precautions: First, in a car equipped with a high-pressure system, you need to release the pressure before disconnecting the fuel line from the filter. In most cars, this can be achieved by removing the fuse that controls the fuel pump and letting the car run idling until the gasoline runs out. Another method that works for some cars is to remove the fuel tank cap. In order to ensure that the fuel filter is working properly, you also need to place it carefully so that the oil flows in the correct direction. Most fuel filters are marked "in" on one side and "out" on the other side. The intake port should be connected to the fuel line from the fuel tank below the rear of the car, and the oil outlet should be connected to the fuel line that can be traced back to the engine. Sometimes there are different fittings on each side of the filter, so it can only face Install in one direction, because the fuel filter is one of the key components to protect the engine from harmful impurities, and it is important to replace the fuel filter regularly. If you live in a particularly polluted area, or if you drive a few more miles a year than the average person, your fuel filter may require more frequent maintenance.

Fuel filter maintenance cycle

The fuel filter is a consumable item. During the use of the vehicle, it needs to be replaced and maintained regularly, otherwise it will not be able to provide qualified protection. For the specific replacement cycle, please refer to the instructions on the products provided by each filter supplier. Suggested replacement time: every 20,000 kilometers of the car.

Precautions for replacing the gasoline filter

(1) After replacing and installing the gasoline grid and the engine oil grid, pay attention to the sealing of the interface and be alert for oil leakage;

(2) For air compartments and air conditioning compartments, ensure the overall tightness after replacement;

(3) Take good care of the gasoline grid and try to use the matching mark gasoline specified by the automobile manufacturer. The filter has arrow marks on the inlet and outlet ports, so do not install it backwards when replacing it.

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