Marine water pump Impeller performance & Compensation ability & Temperature resistance ability
Nov 26 , 2021

Marine water pump Impeller performance&Compensation ability&Temperature resistance ability

Two performance of water pump impeller:

1.In order to meet the performance of the use must be guaranteed, such as pressure resistance, temperature resistance, fatigue resistance and elastic compensation,
2.They are not required for use, but they have an important impact on the design of piping and the use of rubber impeller,such as stiffness, effective area, etc., .

Compensation capacity of water pump impeller:
1.The compensation ability of corrugated rubber impeller comes from the elastic deformation of bellows, including stretching, compression, bending and their combined deformation.2,The size of the compensation capacity is determined by the designer according to the needs, and the product is the specified rated compensation amount, which represents the maximum compensation capacity under certain conditions.3,Different types of corrugated rubber impellers have different compensation forms, including axial, transverse, angular and their combination compensation.

Temperature resistance of water pump impeller:
The temperature resistance of corrugated rubber impeller mainly depends on the temperature resistance of corrugated pipe.The use temperature of rubber impeller is as low as -96℃, as high as 1000℃, or even higher,It needs metal materials with various temperature resistance to meet the requirements of use.But the temperature resistance of the material is limited,It is impossible to solve the temperature resistance of such a large temperature range by the material itself,Other measures should be taken to improve the temperature of the rubber impeller.

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