Red General Motors Steel Engine Lift Plate

80603003 Fits General Motors and 4 Barrel Intake Manifolds.

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Red General Motors Steel Engine Lift Plate

This Engine lift plate is for use on all General Motors Engines bolts over the top (with intake manifold removed). This lift plate fits 4-barrel intake manifolds. Features three lift holes and can be mounted in several positions on the General Motors to adjust engine balance, when removing or installing the engine. Steel construction with red powder-coated finish. Includes two sets of mounting bolts for both General Motors carburetor style intake manifolds.


Fits all General Motors Engines with 10 or 11 Bolt
Lift Plate Can Be Moved Forward or Backward to Adjust Engine Balance on General Motors
Red Powder Coated Finish
Allows Adjustment of Engine Balance



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Engine Lift Plate

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Motor Pull Plate





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