Yellow Steel Universal 28 Inch Rubber Snubbers Traction Bars

80604003 Dedicated to vehicles with leaf springs under the axle tube.
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Yellow Steel Universal 28"Rubber Snubbers Traction Bars

These Universal Traction Bars are 28 inches and are made of high-grade steel. Designed to enhance your rear suspension and control hops. These rods are suitable for vehicles with leaf springs under the axle tubes. Steel yellow powder-coated rod length is 28. The kit comes with rubber snubbers, U-bolts and mounting hardware. They are made of heavy rectangular steel pipes and sold in pairs.


Steel Yellow Powder Coated Finish
For Vehicles With Leaf Springs Mounted Below Axle
Made Of Heavy gauge Rectangular Steel Tubing
Rubber Snubbers U-bolts



Item Number






Product Type

Traction Bars

Item Weight

14 pounds

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